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Cam-L Towing, Tucson’s top tow and roadside assistance service

We know and have worked for many of Tucson’s familiar towing companies.

That’s why we founded Cam-L Towing LLC – to offer the safest, fastest technical towing and roadside assistance services, along with the best customer service experience in Southern Arizona. Cam-L Towing always offers the most competitive, economical pricing in the region.

Cam-L Towing is proud to be able to “save the day,” any day or night, for all of our private and commercial customers.  For your comfort, we offer a clean, air-conditioned second-row salon, with free cold water and refreshments, for 1-5 customers who may need to ride along with us on their tow.

We tow, transport and extract cars, vans, RV’s, motorcycles, light trucks, and light trailers of all kinds.  We can help you when locked out, bring fuel to stranded vehicles, repair or replace tires or wheels, and are skilled to help you safely handle horses should your trailer or vehicle become disabled.  We also provide Tipsy Tow service to bring you and your car and guests home safely when everyone has indulged beyond a safe-driving limit, back to home or hotel. We are on duty 24 hours  a day, every day to save the day for you!

About Us

We are a new, family-run towing and roadside assistance business, dedicated to transparency, integrity, and top technical skills. Cam-L Towing always offers the most competitive, affordable pricing in the region for a full range of skilled and specialty towing and transport services.

We have over 40 years of diverse business and customer service experience, with 10 years’ professional experience in towing and recovery all over Arizona.  Decades of past experience in our specialty, horse hauling, have shown us the 1,000 ways things can go wrong on the road! – and taught us all about managing roadside incidents and towing challenges of all kinds safely and quickly.

Cam-L Towing Services to Tucson and Southern Arizona

Cam-L Towing LLC in Tucson is your ship in the desert!  

We tow, transport and extract cars, vans, RV’s, motorcycles, light trucks, and light trailers of all kinds.  We respond to emergencies as well as planned transport by appointment for private owners as well as auto shops, dealers, auctions and related businesses. We can protect and move exotic and antique cars without a scratch; haul sheds, play sets, tanks, furnaces and other commercial and construction items.

“On the way, night or day” to open your car or truck when you are locked out. We offer fast help when you are locked out, when time is of the essence to limit damage to your work, family or travel schedule!
When you have over-indulged and don’t want to put your car, yourself, and others at risk,  Cam-L Towing’s Tipsy Tow service is on call 24/7 to carry you and your car, along with family, guests or co-workers, safely back to home or hotel.  The most safety-minded tow company in Southern Arizona will transport you and your vehicle, plus family, guests, or co-workers, when a safe ‘designated driver’ is not available. We are on duty 24 hours a day, every day to save the day for you!
Cam-L Towing offers fast ETA’s to deliver fuel, batteries, belts and hoses, water or coolant, or replacement tires. We find you FAST to change your tire, jumpstart your battery, or open a jammed or locked vehicle. While we assist you on-site, you can enjoy air-conditioned comfort and refreshments safely off the road in our truck’s clean and comfortable second-row salon.


Vintage pleasure vehicles and vintage racing cars run in the family at Cam-L Towing, making us the go-to company for carefully and skillfully transporting restored, exotic, and historic properties to and from car shows, expos, or your preferred restoration shop or machinist.  We are insured and bonded to handle valuable, one-of-a-kind properties.


Our family-run towing and roadside assistance company are also professional horsemen, with decades of experience in horse hauling and handling. We bring unique skills to roadside dilemmas where the presence of horses adds a dimension  of potential danger for our customers and their stock, as well as for passing vehicles.  If your trailer is hit in traffic, or sustains a blowout, wheel-bearing, tongue or floor failure, count on Cam-L Towing of Tucson and Southern Arizona to help keep you and your animals safe.